White Sage Mini 4" Smudge Bundle -Sustainably Sourced-


White Sage Mini 4" Smudge Bundle -Sustainably Sourced-


White Desert Sage - mini smudge bundle, sustainably grown and harvested by a family owned farm in the high desert of Southern California.

Size is approx. 3-4" in length. 


White Sage is used by burning /"smudging" it to cleanse and purify a space and yourself.   White Sage has been used over time in ritual and is a very sacred and important plant to many indigenous North American peoples . There are some beliefs that it chokes bad spirits and drives them away.

Ideal use would be in ritual, intention setting, and for blessings.

When using it is recommended to have a heat proof surface to rest the sage on. Do not leave burning unattended. 

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