Mercury Intention Candle // Beeswax


Mercury Intention Candle // Beeswax


-Mercury Intention Candle-

This intention candle was created as a tribute to Mercury, communication, thought, coordination and adaptability. Perfect for use in meditation, prayer, ritual, and intention setting.

Mercury is primarily known as the messenger, the ruler of all methods of communication, expression, the ability to reason and adapt .

Hand poured with 100% pure beeswax, dressed with lavender, cornflowers and mica flakes, infused with Green Aventurine and Hematite.

Aventurine is said to help with mental perception, insight , positivity, protection and openness. Hematite, which is the color of quicksilver is known for its grounding properties, positivity and benefits to cool, sharpen and calm the mind.

Measures approx. 8" tall and 2.3" diameter

20% of the proceeds from your purchase will go directly to Exalted Warrior Foundation, which provides adaptive yoga and meditation classes to active duty military and veterans with seen and unseen issues from traumatic injury in military hospitals, VA hospitals and yoga studios around the USA. For more information, visit

"Bright winged messenger, clear of thought, steady of mind."

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**For best results it is  recommended to  only burn this candle for 2 hours maximum and never leaving the candle unattended. *Keep the wick centered and trimmed 1/8”-1/4" prior to each time lighting it for a clean and even burn.  Extinguish it if the flame seems too high and /or smoking occurs. 

“Burning beeswax candles is said to have healing properties by producing negative ions,  purifying the air and improving one’s health, energy and mood.” In addition, I have chosen not
to scent this candle due to the warm, rich scent of honey that the beeswax produces. 

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