Do you offer international shipping?

Yes. We currently offer international shipping to Canada, Mexico, Europe, The U.K., Australia, and

 New Zealand. Orders are shipped via USPS first class international and arrive approximately between 1 to 3 

weeks, depending on location. Rates are for postage only and based on weight and destination. Packages 

may be subject to customs, duties or other fees calculated by the country and are the responsibility of the

customer to pay. 

Do you offer expedited shipping ?

All orders are automaticaly set to ship via USPS priority or First Class international. If you would like to have your order expedited please fill out the contact form HERE or send an email to 



How long do your candles burn for?

Burn times are estimated at 20 hours in the 4oz. mini tins, 40 hours in the 8oz jar and 60 hours in the 16oz. jar. The rates will vary depending on how long you leave a candle lit and the surrounding environment. 

For the best burn, make sure that you do not leave the candle lit longer than 3-4 hours and always trim the wick to 1/4" prior to re-lighting. On the very first burn, make sure that you allow the melted candle wax to reach all the way to the edges of the glass. It's also a good idea to not have your candle in a very drafty or windy area. 


Do your candles smoke or cause soot?

The wicks that they are made with are designed to cause less sooting and smoke. If you are noticing a significant amount of soot on the sides of the jar, make sure that you are trimming the wicks before lighting, not burning them in a drafty area,  and not leaving them lit for longer than 4 hours. Any soot should wipe clean off the sides of the jar with a damp cloth. 


Why did my wick come loose at the bottom of the candle?

You should DISCONTINUE USE of a candle  when there is only a half inch or so of wax left in a container.

When there is only around a  half inch of wax left,  and you leave it lit for a while, the remaining candle wax will completely liquify and the increased heat will dislodge the glue that attaches the wick at the base of the jar. This can cause the wick to drift to the side of the container and cause the glass to break which could result in a mess,  injury, or fire.  

This is very important and is stated at the bottom of the candle on the warning label. If you would like to enjoy the rest of the wax left it is suggested to purchase a candle warmer that will melt the wax without having to light it. You can find one HERE


Are your candles made with essential oils or fragrances?

Both! The candles are primarily made with phthalate free fragrances that are a blend of natural and synthetic oils. Some of the candles are blended with fragrance and essential oils as an enhancement to the scent. We strive to use the best and cleanest oils without compromising the experience of the fragrance in your room.