Astatula Candle Co. is a small batch artisanal candle company created by Angela Ellis. All candles are designed and poured in Old Seminole Heights, Tampa Florida with a focus on high quality and affordable boutique candles made with intention and care. Each scent and design is carefully and thoughtfully selected using eco friendly wax,  luxurious fragrances and essential oils.

Made in the USA with  100% soy wax,  cotton wicks,  fragrances and essential oils.
Free of : 
-wax additives




The Newton House, Astatula, FL


A little history and background on the name Astatula and what it means to me. 

Astatula is a small town located in central Florida and is said to have been Native American in name origin. There is no direct translation, but many have said it means "lake of sunbeams" or "sparkling waters". It has always been one of my favorite city names, and I love saying it out loud to myself. After starting the business, I later  found out that my Great-Great Grandmother, Susan Rebecca Sellers, was one of the pioneer residents of this town and moved there just before the year 1900. She lived there until she was 92 years old and the home she and her husband built is still standing.

To me, Astatula is such a beautiful name but it is also a connection to my family and my roots. What better way to keep the past and the present alive, than with making things with our hands and old traditions.

Astatula candles are designed to provide a warm glow and a beautiful aroma to fill any room. From my heart, hands and my  space to yours, with love.